Friday, September 2, 2011

Improve Your English Quickly and Easily!

Suggestions for Using the Podcasts

1 Listen to the podcast without reading the text.
2 Listen to the podcast for a second time and quickly write a few notes about what you hear.
3 Read the text with the podcast as you listen for the third time.
4 Read aloud with the podcast.
5 Try to explain what you have heard in your own words. 

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Anonymous said...

very good suggestions Leslie :) thanks

Maryi said...

Thanks for your wise help... I love this block, I'm going to improve my English skills with it!!!

Marina said...

Thank very much for your useful suggestions.

Mateus said...

Congratulations on your blog and podcast! It's the first time I use it, but I just know that it'll help a lot in improving. I've already been working the way you suggested, and I confess that this method works. I just go to another podcast after listening to the last one at least ten times, sometimes just listening, sometimes listening and reading. Great tips!
Grace be with you.

Anonymous said...


This is an amazing resource for teachers and students . Thanks so much for the wonderful and current content.


Traveler said...

Dear Leslie,

That's wonderful and exactly what everyone, who want to improve his listening skills, needs.
Spoken American English is quite difficult to understand without special practice.

Thank You and Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

I agree with that.

that's here exactly that I've been finding out.

thanks god~

Английский язык said...

Thanks for your help!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your enormous help. What happend to you? What about new podcasts?

Leslie said...

Hello Everybody

Sorry for the delays. The English Desk podcasts will resume in December.

Anonymous said...

It`s a good news you`ll come back!!! I miss you and your fantastic podcasts. I thought you were fed up with podcasting. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks for all this work. It is helping me so much. I am learning a lot.

Malmenia said...

Just wonderful,

I really like your perceptive thoughts about improving English by listening to these podcasts. I do agree with you that ESL/EFL learners need to focus on the listening skills, which is one of the most helpful skill to improve English easily and quickly. In addition, I like your blog that have many different topics as podcasts. These are really great and enjoyable.

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I am a new visitor. I like your site very much because you are updating new and different things. Thanks for sharing.

Ganesh Balimidi said...

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olga biriukova said...

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Thomas Adison said...

Thanks for your tips its really help me to improve my english .
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